Summary of Annual Junior Events

ISLTA supports local tennis in the St George and Sutherland Shires. Junior Branch (JB) is a sub-committee responsible for conduct of junior tennis (for players under 19). Most juniors are coached at local Shire clubs and represent their club or district at these events. Junior Branch also helps individual players find a suitable team. The primary events which ISLTA Juniors are eligible to enter are listed below. To stay informed, have our website as a favourite on your browser. There’s plenty of useful information there.
Saturday Morning Junior Competition. Between 8am-12pm on Saturdays. Starting from VERY beginner, most of the various grades and divisions are 2 hour unisex events played from 8am to 10am, or from 10am to midday. Winter competition is @April to September and summer competition @October to March. Nominations are about 6-8 weeks prior. They are a home and away series of 14-15 weeks, then 2 weeks of finals. Players are graded from C3 up to A2 and play for their club. These teams have a squad of (usually) 3-5 players and 2-3 play each week. Our junior competitions normally do NOT play on long weekends or during school holidays. Most players are also attending private and/or group coaching at their club, and while this is strongly encouraged, it is not mandatory at all clubs. There’s a slightly different format for beginners, where C Grade teams (mainly 8-12 years old) play 2 matches of 10 game doubles each. There is also a separate elite competition for A1 players who play at one venue and apply directly rather than get entered as a “club/coaches team”. Point of contact – local club coaches
Interdistrict Team. ISLTA JB sponsors a representative tennis squad to compete in a series with the other districts of Sydney annually. This is a home and away series of Sunday games, 6-12 weeks long (depending on draw and finals qualifying), July to October, boys and girls teams graded by age groups 12’s though to 16’s, and depending on nominations JB will field nil to four or more teams in each age group. {There are also adult teams}. There is usually a player rotation so your kids don’t have to play every week. The teams represent the ISLTA association (ie StGeorge and Sutherland area) against many of the best players in Sydney. Nominations essential, and usually needed quite early (Feb?) then trials, so please check website, Facebook, or ask your coach for details. Point of contact – club coaches or Mark Thompson 0403 773 659
Challenge Cup. An annual one day event is played on a Sunday each year between a junior team from our association (ISLTA) and the Campbelltown area association (SDTA). Play alternates annually between Rockdale and Leumeah, and is for players who have not competed at Interdistrict level in the current year. Girls and boys teams are graded and by age group from 10’s up to 16’s, and it’s usually a well matched event. Expressions of interest are welcomed, and the association will select the team. Nominations are generally August/ September for the November event. Point of contact – Mark Thompson 0403 773 659
Illawarra Round Robin Closed Tournaments. Our committee hosts up to two of these events per year. They are held in school holidays, currently October (District Championships) and January
(Australia Day Round Robin). This event is ‘closed’, which means it is run ONLY for juniors who play in ISLTA competitions or live or play in the StGeorge or Sutherland Shires. Depending on the event, the tournaments are graded by playing standard or by age, for boys and girls, at all standards and ages.
Elite Level Tournaments. Tennis NSW run programs and tournaments for good junior players from 10yo to 18yo. There is a good deal of information on their websites. Tennis NSW co-ordinates the Medibank Junior Development Series (MJDS) as an introduction to round robin tournament play. The MJDS events are often the first stage for players looking to compete outside their district. ISLTA usually host 1 or 2 MJDS events each year. A higher level series is the Tennis Australia Optus Junior Tour (OJT) which has 5 grading levels at each age group. One of the Optus Tour events is the annual Illawarra Junior Open, hosted at Rockdale Tennis centre by ISLTA. It is classified as an ‘open’ event to players outside our area, and is currently a White (bottom) level event so the points and general player standard are not as high (hence perhaps not as scary !!).
Other ISLTA Events. Juniors are eligible (and encouraged) to play in other ISLTA (all ages with adults) association events if the timing or format suits them better, or they want to play more. They may play in any number of competitions at the same time, as long as they are not registered for more than one team in the same competition. You’ll find more information on these events in the main ISLTA website. In summary;
Sunday Morning Wanganui Cup. Composite teams men and women. This event spans a large variety of playing standards from weak intermediate right up to district elite adult standard. There are already quite a number of juniors playing in this event. Winter and summer home/away competition, runs about 10 weeks between 8.30am and 10.30am. 2 players each week, and you can register up to 5 unisex players and rotate. Each player has 2 matches of doubles and 1 match of singles per week. Nominations are a number of times a year, so please contact the organisers to express interest. Point of contact – Preferred contact early evening - Dennis Bindon 9584 1811, David Gudgeon 9567 1886, and Roger Smith 0412 216 611.
Saturday Afternoon Mixed Competition. From perhaps 14 or 15 years old you might consider this. Competent and mature juniors are encouraged. There is a winter and summer home and away competition, only stopping for about 6 weeks at Xmas and public holidays. They play through school holidays. There are 2 men and 2 women in each team, ideally with reserves for player rotation. Each player has 2 sets of mens/ladies doubles and 2 mixed doubles each week. Matches are 1pm to @5.30pm. 
Wednesday Night Mixed Competition. Plays a winter and summer, home and away competition. Doubles and singles.